Learn and use the language of visual programming so it may become apart of an architects design repertoire.

DesignScript is a computational design program originated and authored by Dr. Robert Aish, who lead a team of highly talented language specialists, interaction designers and software engineers at Autodesk Singapore.

For a description of the language and its objectives please see the following references [eCAADe paper and Design Modelling paper]

It is composed of the DesignScript Editor (IDE or DSE) and a visual programing environment named DesignScript Studio (DSS).  It was conceived of as a program originally for non-programmers, specifically for architects and designers with little or no programming experience.

A good way to learn DS is take a look at the original DesignScript language manual and the program itself. These very well written and produced guides and are indespensible to learning DesignScript. The manual is primarily focused on the Script side of the program using the DS Editor, although there is a brief guide on DSS in the appendix. A more advanced summary manual for those that have some programming experience is also of interest.  DSSUM

DesignScript also included a very carefully design library of geometry classes and methods based on the Autodesk Shape Manager. This included some highly original modelling techniques using non-manifold topology [ AAG paper]

And that brings us to why this blog, architects garage was started. To learn the Studio side of DesignScript. These translations of the manual and editor samples into node graphs are to  compliment the existing learning roadmap that been laid out for code.  Lets explore the Studio side of DesignScript and see where it takes us.


 A word of note is that there are many at Autodesk, on the DesignScript team that helped produce this program. Since this writer is an outsider to Autodesk and has no knowledge of DesignScript’s production, one is going to have to forgive my ignorance of those that have worked on this program in anonymity. Thanks


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