DSLM-Chapter Seven Translation-Range Expressions

Hi Everyone:

This translation is from the seventh chapter in the DesignScript Language Manual, which can be found at DSLM  and is entitled; Range Expressions. The initial translation of this “Code to Node” translation was made on the Autodesk DesignScript Community Forum, and can be found at DesignScript Studio…Chapter 7 Range Exp.

Below is what the DS Studio canvas looked like in that initial posting.

Chapter7_Range Expression

Chapter7_Range Expression

A more detailed and defined translation involved making sure the Variables are named and referenced into it’s corresponding node.

Chapter7_Range Expression-a-Graphic

Chapter7_Range Expression-a-Graphic

Adding to this is the translation back to code, which is shown below.

Chapter7_Range Expression-b-Graphic

Chapter7_Range Expression-b-Graphic

The Geometry that is generated from these files is shown below. Also, color was added for addition interest.

Chapter7_Range Expression-Windows Graphic

Chapter7_Range Expression-Windows Graphic

The files are available for downloading from the Drop-Box links below.




Thanks for looking.






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