DSLM-Chapter Eight Translation-Collections

Hi Everyone:

Here is a update to the posting on Chapter 8 of the DSLM-Collections, which was initially posted over on the Autodesk DesignScript Community Forum and is entitled Code to Node translation on Collections, Chapter 8.

The initial translation is duplicated below.



Since that time a better understanding of DesignScript and coding in general has been absorbed, if you will, which has lead to refining the translation to something more understandable and within the conventions of scripting. See below.



The primary change was to create a naming scheme that makes the node Graphs more legible and one that will lend itself to a being read as code. See the Code to Node transformation below.



What’s highlighted above are all the Variables that have a number assigned to them rather than a name. By changing those numbers to names a more compact and legible code can be achieved. See below.

2014_01_09-CoordinateSystem.AtParameter#1b- Edited

2014_01_09-CoordinateSystem.AtParameter#1b- Edited

It would be good if prior to this back to Code operation, if there is a way to eliminated the need to rename the Variables.  Any ideas on that?

The Geometry that results from these versions is shown below.

2014_05_02-CoordinateSystem.AtParameter-Graphic Window

2014_05_02-CoordinateSystem.AtParameter-Graphic Window

And with that, as promised, the files are available for downloading from the links via Drop-Box, below.




Thanks for looking.




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