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2014 – first post and not from the garage #1

Hi Everyone:

After spending a good deal of time over at the Autodesk Labs DesignScript forum (, slowly learning the program and posting translations of the DesignScript Language manual ( ),  I thought I’d start a blog about it and other subjects as I continue architecting away.

For one thing I thought that I could post some of the files and make them available to download. Admittedly learning visual programming can be somewhat tedious and some of the tutorials deserve more or less attention.

When one loads the Free DesignScript Program on their Windows  (64 bit) operation system and runs the DesignScript Editor (Lite in my case) , additional “Sample” files for learning are visibly accessible.

DesignScript Editor Lite

DesignScript Editor Lite


From there these files can be run in the DS Editor. In this Blog those files will be translated into the Visual DesignScript Studio Program and will go from “Code to Node”, similar to the translation that was done with the DesignScript Language manual.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.09.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.12.46 PM


Here is the first file translation from above DesignScript Editor type file (*.ds) to DesignScript

Studio type file(*.bin)  Down load it from the link below and run it in DesignScript Studio to get the node-graph  translation. Let me know if you have any further modifications…that would be great.

Coordinate System at Parameter

Lets see how this works for starters.

Just to let everyone know…normally I spend half my time in the garage and the other half in the office.  I’d spend the morning at the office desk doing the conventional and in the afternoon I’d work (tinker) in the garage. I’ve been spending a bunch of time in the office learning DesignScript. I’ve been neglecting the garage…so more later.

Thanks for looking