DSLM Chapter Three Translation, IDE Basics

Hi Everyone:

This translation is from the third chapter in the DSLM, entitled; IDE Basics: Autocomplete, Stepping, Bugs, Error Messages. This chapter was not translated into DSS previously, due to the fact that it really is all about the DesignScript Editor (DSE). However after having gone through the manual and revisiting it now its important to point out that the Editor can help one decipher code thereby eliminate confusion in the DSS canvas.



In this case there really wasn’t much confusion as when trying to put in 4 variables into the  vector, one realizes quickly there is only three. (xyz) Nonetheless, in more complex Studio canvas’s it’s easy to get lost especially if the variables aren’t named with some convention that is meaningful to the reader. So continuing the translation we get.

Chapter 3-refined translation

Chapter 3-refined translation

Satisfied, we can even initiate the “Node to Code” transformation.

Chapter3-node to code

Chapter3-node to code

To learn the Code to Node operation go to the appendix in the DesignScript Language Manual.

The graphic that is generated from the chapter’s script is shown below.

chapter 3-Windows graphic

chapter 3-Windows graphic

The files are available for downloading at the links below.


Chapter3-IDE Basics-a

Chapter3-IDE Basics

Thanks for looking



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