DesignScript LM-Chapter Ten Translation-Associativity

Hi Everyone:

This translation is from the tenth chapter of the DesignScript Language Manual, which can be found at DSLM  and is entitled; Associativity. The initial translation of this translation was made on the Autodesk DesignScript Community Forum, and can be found at  Associativity, Chapter 10 Graph node translation. Below is what the DS Studio canvas looked like in that initial posting.


A more detailed and defined translation involved making sure the variables are named and referenced into their corresponding nodes.

Chapter 10_Associativity-a

Breaking the nodes down into groups and adding detail commentary from the DSLM shows more.

Adding to this is the translation back to code, which is shown below.


Chapter 10_Associativity-b

A little editing is in order.

Chapter 10_Associativity-b

The Geometry that is generated from these files is shown below.

Chapter10_associativity-Graphic Window

Chapter10_associativity-Graphic Window

For those that are interested, the initial text from the DS Editor, was also added to the Graph nodes.

Chapter 10_Associativity-a with DS Text

And the accompanying graphic that is generated.

Associativity with Text-Graphic Window

Associativity with Text-Graphic Window

The files are available for downloading from the Drop-Box links below.




Thanks for looking.



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