DesignScript Curve Translation,Geometry.Plane.ByOriginNormal.WithPlaneSize#2-Code to Node to Code

Hi Everyone:

This is the second, in a series of six Plane file translations. The file Geometry.Plane.ByOriginNormal.WithPlaneSize .ds is located in the DesignScript Editor (DSE) Samples.



Open the DS Editor and copy the script generated from Geometry.Plane.ByOriginNormal.WithPlaneSize .ds. Open DS Studio, and paste the DSE script into a blank canvas.


The preliminary translation looks like the canvas shown above and the developed one below.



The red and yellow highlighted areas indicate the groupings of nodes according to their properties. Once satisfied that the translation is complete the “Node to Code” operation can take place.


The script that results from the operation doesn’t require further editing. The geometry that results from the code(s) is shown below.

2014_06_25Geometry.Plane.ByOriginNormal.WithPlaneSize-Graphic Window

The files are available to download from the DropBox links below.




Thanks for looking.


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