DSLM-Chapter Nine Translation-Numbers Types

Hi Everyone:

Here is a DesignScript update to the posting on Chapter 9 of the DSLM-Number Types, which was initially posted over on the Autodesk DesignScript Community Forum and entitled Code to Node, Translation on Numbers, Chapter 9.

The initial translation is duplicated below.

Chapter_9-Number Types

Chapter_9-Number Types

The DesignScript translation has been refined with more detail regarding naming of the nodes and adding a breakdown of the graph for clarity.

Chapter_9-Number Types_a

Chapter_9-Number Types_a

The above DS node graph in turn was translated back into code using the “Node to Code” operation as shown below.

Chapter_9-Number Types_b

Chapter_9-Number Types_b

As highlighted in the translation back to code, quite a bit of editing is desired to eliminate the Variable numbers, and or replacing them, as they prove to be unnecessary to the codes operation.

Chapter_9-Number Types_b-edited

Chapter_9-Number Types_b-edited

The editing was done, and the highlighted translations layout shown above, is similar to the DSS node-Graph layout and was done for instructional value.

While there isn’t a graphic for the DS graphic window, what has been done here is to take the original script from Chapter 9, Number Types, and get the text of the code to be printed in DSS Graph Window, echoing the DS Editor.

Chapter_9-Number Types-Graphic Window

Chapter_9-Number Types-Graphic Window

For those that are interested on how this was done, a “over the top” DSS canvas is shown below.



Attempts will be made to get this unwieldy DSS text operation a little more manageable. We shall see.

The DSS files, including the “text” one are available for downloading via DropBox links below.





Thanks for looking.




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