Designscript Coordinate Translation # 18, Code to Node +

Hi Everyone:

On to the eighteenth Coordinate translation from the DSE, this one is CoordinateSystem.Inverse, and can be found in the sample files of the opening window of the DSE lite program.

CoordinateSystem.Inverse.ds sample file

CoordinateSystem.Inverse.ds sample file

After opening it in the editor (DSE), copy it, run DSS and paste it into the blank canvas.



After going to the DSS library and inserting the WCS node in the canvas, click on the contextual menu which is located on the WCS node. In the upper right corner of the node scroll (or type) for the  “Inverse” on the contextual menu, click on it to put it in the canvas. Flushing out the translation, we get results like below.



From here one goes to the code translation, create a bounding box around the code and click on the upper right of the box for the  “Code to Node” menu.

"Code to Node" CoordinateSystem.Inverse

“Code to Node” CoordinateSystem.Inverse

With no editing needed, find the  resulting graphic below.

CoordinateSystem.Inverse-Graphic Window

CoordinateSystem.Inverse-Graphic Window

With that, find the files for download below.




Thanks for looking.


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