DesignScript Coordinate Translation #6, Code to Node

Hi Everyone:

The next DSS example from the DSE  is “CoordinateSystem.ByOriginVectors.IsNormalized” and is the sixth file on the list.


After loading it into the DSE, copying and pasting it into DSS canvas we get another short and simple code to translate.


After using the Library to place the nodes in the canvas (BTW if one doesn’t want to use the double-click, a right click will work as well), and entering the variables values for the coordinates in block nodes (just double-click on the canvas) one should have something similar as in the image below.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 13.38.20

To complete and refine the translation edit the variable code blocks and add a variable name. Use the Driver Block from the Library as before to do this.

Screenshot 2014-01-24 18.28.09

Coordinate System By Origin Vectors Is Normal #6

One must be pretty careful to make sure that the variables are named with an appropriate designation.

Node to Code Translation

Node to Code Translation

Here is an error that was caught before making a node to code translation.


One can see the results that were on the DSS Graph nodes, but was missed.


Trying to make as descriptive improvement on Var 43=False is illustrated below.

As it appears in the translation from node.


As it appears on the DSS Graph Node Canvas.


And the edited versions, first the Graph Node Window.


Then the results in the Node to Code Translation below.


This isn’t really much of a improvement but it does illustrate how to clarify the translation and the naming process.

Screenshot 2014-01-25 20.34.27

Screenshot 2014-01-15 18.26.41

Here are  the files available for download.




Thanks for looking.


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