DesignScript Coordinate Translation #4, Code to Node

Hi Everyone:

On to the fourth file, find it in the DesignScript Editors (DSE) opening program window, Coordinate System. By Cylindrical Coordinates.


Just click on it and it will load the file in the Editor. After it’s loaded the file look like this.

(partial screen view below)


It might be best to first run the file and see the resulting Graphic window. (Note that this is being done without AutoCAD, it is being used in it’s standalone capacity.) Also, one might want to see if the file has any anomalies or errors which will show up, so run the program in debug mode.

After running it, copy it and run the DesignScript Studio(DSS) program and open a new blank canvas. Double click on the canvas and paste the code text on the resulting Block node.

On the left one sees the subject code. It’s been commented out  (/* code */ ) so that it doesn’t actualize and run. Also note that the “ import (“ProtoGeometry.dll“);”  at the top of the text must be deleted if one wants to run the code in DSS.


Screenshot 2014-01-20 11.41.05

As seen here, only the top part of the code is translated into DSS graph node form on the canvas. The” Guaranteed properties for Coordinate System” were not translated here due to a possible OS instability.   Not sure what others are experiencing running these files because this was done running a Mac with Windows 7  (64 bit) running VMware fusion and it was necessary to create a new file to complete the translation.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 11.36.09

The file then was selected by a bounding box on the DSS canvas and translated back again to Code. (Node to Code)

Screenshot 2014-01-20 11.35.10

Note the absence  of unnamed variables, thus making the code more legible.

Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.52.36

And there we have it  CoordinateSystem.ByCylindricalCoordinates.




Thanks for looking,


2 thoughts on “DesignScript Coordinate Translation #4, Code to Node

    1. tcmangan Post author

      Thank you Scott.
      Just love DesignScript. Learning it is quite a journey.
      Greatly appreciciate the autodesk labs offerings.
      More to come.



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